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The Fast Start Training Program

Start Getting More Done, Today!
The 12 Week Year Fast Start Training Program is the easiest, fastest, least confusing way to set up a complete, fully functioning 12 Week Year system in a matter of hours, NOT days or weeks.

Armed with this vetted, easy to implement 12 Week Year system, you’ll quickly find yourself getting more done in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months.

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A Proven Process That Delivers Results

"This Is A System That Actually Works"

The 12 Week Year takes all of the core principles I believe are so valuable for success and puts them together in a straight forward system that actually works.

Matthew E. Winter // President, Allstate Auto, Home and Agencies

Is Your Current Performance Affecting Your Quality Of Life?

  • Do you often fail to complete high impact tactics that are critical to your success?
  • Have you pursued a goal for weeks, months, or years with little progress to show for it?
  • Are you overwhelmed with too much to do and never enough time?
  • Do you ever find yourself sacrificing strategic activities to deal with the emergency of the day?
  • Do your projects feel like they drag on forever? Do you lose interest and abandon them?
  • Do you sometimes feel embarrassed or ashamed because you miss deadlines and fail to deliver?
If so, you need a 12 week execution system.

After you complete this training program, you'll have a 12 week performance system that will eliminate harmful peaks and valleys in your performance so you can get more done in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months.

Everything You Need to Build, Manage, & Maintain Your

12 Week Year System


The "Fast Start" Training Video Series

The Fast Start videos are an extension of the 12 Week Year book, and have been designed to get you up to speed and executing effectively in the shortest time possible.

After completing the fast start videos you'll know how to set-up, implement, and maintain your 12 Week Year System.
(Note: If you don't have a copy of the book you can request a complimentary copy when you complete your purchase)


Lessons, Worksheets, & Exercises

Every video lesson is accompanied by a set of corresponding worksheets that walk you through each component of the 12 Week Year system.

This is where the 12 Week Year principles & disciplines transform into an actual system that will drive your results for the next 12 weeks.

Plus Limited Bonuses:




The 12 Week Year Challenge training program is a daily email video series developed to take individuals who have never been exposed to The 12 Week Year process and successfully walk them through their first 12 week experience with confidence.

These daily training videos are short, focused and full of value. They provide targeted instruction at appropriate times throughout your first 12 Week Year.

With these daily videos, you'll never be confused about what to do, or when to do it.


An Orientation Meeting With A 12 Week Year Coach


It's in our best interest to see you succeed, and we've found that participating in a group orientation with one of our highly trained coaches before you begin your 12 Week Year has significantly improved the new client experience.

During the group orientation, your coach will share insights that ensure you get off to a great start, as well as answer any questions you may have about the 12 Week Year process.

The Achieve Online System

Automates The Entire 12 Week Year Process

TOTAL VALUE: $1,1640
After the release of our book, "The 12 Week Year," we quickly turned our attention to developing software from the ground up to do one thing, and one thing only… automate the entire 12 Week Year process.

Now you can run your entire 12 Week Year System from within the Achieve Online Tool. No more wondering if you’re “doing this right.” Simply follow the step-by-step instructions within the Achieve performance tool and have your execution system up and running in no time.

Note: Your Fast Start training purchase includes access for 1 person to the Achieve platform for 12 months.

Your Plan For Creating An Execution System That Actually Works



Get access to the training material. Just 3 monthly payments of $99



Watch the "Fast Start" video series and complete the training materials.



Get more done every 12 weeks by mastering this crucial skill.

You Can't Build A Reputation On What Your Going To Do...

You Need A 12 Week Execution System To Help You Get There

  • In this 12 Week Year training course, you’ll learn how to create a 12 week execution system that recaptures your lost potential and keeps you engaged with the high impact activities that are critical to your success.
  • You need a reliable execution system to succeed, and this training program will be your secret weapon for getting more done in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months.
  • The 12 Week Year is easy to learn, easy to implement, and easy to maintain.
  • The days of failing to get things done are over. Get access to the Fast Start training program, learn how to create your 12 Week Year system, and finally feel confident that you will stay engaged and get things done.

Everything You Get When You Order The 12 Week Year Fast Start Training Program Today

  • ​The 12 Week Year Challenge Series ($1,200 Value)
  • ​Orientation Meeting With A 12 Week Year Coach ($460)​
  • ​Access To The Achieve! Online Training System ($1,164)


Start Getting More Done, Today!

The Fast Start Training Program significantly shortens the learning curve and eliminates a lot of the second-guessing and " I doing this right?" that can wreak havoc when adopting something new.

Right now, we are running a temporary marketing test. For a limited time you can get the entire training package for three easy payments of $99. Click the button below to order the Achieve! Power-Pack and experience the 12 Week Year difference.

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